Want To Accomplish Your Most Important Things? 

How busy are you? In the daily struggle to get it all done, what are you forgetting? Is your mind constantly racing with lists of all the things you could and should be doing? Does your day often feel like you're treading water in an ocean of rushes and deadlines, trying to keep from drowning while handling increasing work and life demands?

Don't give up-help is on the way! You just have to find your It. The Important Thing. Define It. Plan It. Focus on It. Get excited about It.

Identifying It isn't just the first step in the process of getting focused and heading in the right direction... it's every step. Getting to It! provides the necessary tools to accomplish the important, handle the urgent, and get rid of the unnecessary. Want to enjoy a more fulfilling life?  Get to It!

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Here's A Glimpse Of What's In Getting to It!

Defining It

  • Recognizing the high price you are paying for allowing things of lesser importance to dominate your schedule
  • Using filters to determine your possibilities
  • Making the case to say "No"

Communicating It

  • How to build support for It from those around you
  • Helping others discover the It that lies within them
  • What to do when your Its don't match

Planning for It

  • Creating a concrete plan that leads to It being accomplished
  • Addressing the changes that will be required to get It done
  • Finding a sense of urgency to work on It

Doing It

  • Aligning every resource you have toward accomplishing It
  • Removing and/or Minimizing distractions from focusing on It
  • Determining ways to maintain your motivation to keep working on It

See Jones speak about the struggle of getting to "It"