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With over 20 years of experience in delivering powerful and timely messages to associations, Jones Loflin is the perfect choice to open, close or simply make your meeting unforgettable. With audience interaction, humor and an energy level that is contagious, Jones equips your association members with the motivation and concrete strategies to take what they have gained at the event and "do better" when they return home. Some of the most requested topics for Jones to address include:

  • Integrating new ideas and strategies gained at the event into an already overloaded schedule
  • Maintaining the motivation to improve after the conference is over
  • Developing a sense of urgency to change behaviors and to lead others through change
  • Sustaining peak performance in an era of increasing demands and decreasing resources
  • Building stronger relationships with coworkers to implement new ideas and move forward as a team and organization

Whether your desired objectives are related to changemotivationtime managementleadership or a combination of them, Jones creates customized programs that will resonate with every member in attendance. His list of past clients range from the Jewish Funeral Directors of America to the National Society of Professional Engineers, indicating that he makes an impact in every presentation-not just an impression.

Click below to view a one minute clip of Jones as he delivers the opening keynote at an association conference:


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