Getting the Blue Ribbon

Getting the Blue Ribbon
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Experience a fresh and practical way for you and those in your organization to change and get the results you're really hungry for!

Building on an engaging and simple analogy of the process to grow award-winning apples, individuals will quickly realize that letting something grow on its own rarely brings the desired results. Working deeper through this powerfully practical process, participants will discover specific steps they can take to move through change and lead others through change initiatives as well. Specific areas of focus include:

  • How to create an environment that encourages change to "grow." This includes shifting priorities, identifying resources, create a sense of urgency, and building the right routines.
  • Cultivating these opportunities for growth by improved communications with individuals who have a stake in seeing these desired results become a reality.
  • Identifying work/life habits, routines, or activities that need to be pruned to allow for more of your resources to be focused on achieving better results. In other words, what's draining your resources, and what changes can be made?
  • Sustaining the growth plan from "seed to harvest" by intentionally celebrating small wins for yourself and your team.

Participants will apply these "orchard" principles to their own situations, creating the opportunity to "grow" the future "blue ribbon" results most desired by themselves and their organization.