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Change is NOT easy, but it IS one of the most critical work and life skills needed by everyone in your organization. Jones Loflin has 20 years of experience in creating and delivering high impact change management programs to organizations in the United States and internationally. In his work as a senior trainer with Who Moved My Cheese?, Jones trained individuals from across the world to deliver high impact change management programs to the individuals in their organizations.

Jones uses his Always Growing model to bring a powerfully simple approach to change that can be quickly embraced by all levels of your organization. Whether using a keynote or competency-based training program, he meets the individuals where they are in their journey of change and guides them through the process to achieve the results they most desire from the change. Key competencies developed include:

  • Creating the environment for change to grow and thrive

  • Discovering a sense of urgency to engage in new attitudes and behaviors

  • Determining where resources should be reallocated to better support change

  • Leveraging the motivation that comes from celebrating more harvest moments in the change process

  • Cultivating routines that will support these new actions and behaviors

  • Defining a "sensible vision" of the change

  • Leading change with trust and integrity to make the most of your "growing season."

Click here to learn more about his book, Always Growing, on which his change model is built.

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I know that a lot of our members took to heart your presentation, because I've heard them quote you. There could not have been a better message for our industry than a presentation on change.

-Bobbie Wettach, Mississippi Petroleum Marketers

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