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On Coaching...

"Coaching is a powerful way to enable people to discover their own answers and take actions that will move their work and life forward. It's a journey to help them uncover their "best self." As a coach, my role is to guide, support, and encourage an individual as they make choices that will close the gap between where they are... and where they want to be."

Whether you're looking for performance coaching or development coaching, I welcome the opportunity to work with new clients looking to take their work performance or life satisfaction to the next level.

Why A Coach?

Whether your desire is better work/life satisfaction, navigating change, managing your time more effectively, or becoming a stronger leader, my coaching sessions provide you with the "3 Cs" to take productive action:

  • Clarity. With so many demands on your time and energy, it's easy to get stuck in the status quo. In my sessions we'll work together to discover strategies to cut through the noise so you can uncover your best self.
  • Competence. In my coaching sessions I so often find that clients know what they need to do, they just don't know how to take action. In my partnership with you we'll create concrete steps you can take on a daily basis to consistently close the gap between where you are... and where you want to be. 
  • Confidence. Fear of failure is a huge roadblock for almost everyone. In our sessions I'll guide you in more intentionally recognizing where you are making progress, reflecting on any perceived mistakes, and building a new course of action for the future. 

How Does Your Coaching Process Work?

We begin with a discovery session. I want to learn more about where you are, what you are seeking from the coaching relationship, and how I can best guide and support you as we move forward. From there we'll begin developing formal goals you want to achieve, which could be work and/or life related. We will also establish the logistics for our sessions (one or two sessions per month ranging from 30-60 minutes). You also have email support and the opportunity for "check in" calls between sessions.

Because it takes time for real change to take place, I request that you commit to at least three months of coaching.

Learn more by reading How To Maximize Your Coaching Experience.

Why Should I Choose You As My Coach?

For over 23 years I've been working with individuals and organizations, offering powerful yet practical solutions on work/life satisfaction, leadership, change, and time management. As an author, I've created engaging metaphors to guide people through the struggle of too much to do, becoming a stronger leader, and adapting to change. Most importantly, my goal as a coach is to help you uncover that "best self" I know is within you. For more about me, click here

How Do I Get Started?

To set up your complimentary no obligation mini session or just learn more about how coaching can benefit you, complete the form below (or call my office at 800-853-4676). And get ready to move your work and life forward like you've never been able to do in the past!

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