Helping Educators Improve Their Professional AND Personal Lives!

Outside of parents, there is not a group on this planet that makes a greater impact on the lives of others than educators. Any efforts spent equipping them with the tools they need to lead more effective professional lives or to enhance the quality of their personal lives are certainly well spent.

Jones Loflin frequently works with educators, administrators and those in support roles in education on the topics of motivationchangetime management and getting better results. And with program titles like Why Build A Birdhouse? and A New Year Begins...So What?, Jones has their attention even before the presentation begins. Each message is carefully crafted to meet not just the specific needs of educators, but YOUR educators. Some key topics addressed include:

  • Creating both a professional AND personal plan for success during the school year
  • Building routines that reduce stress and allow educators to focus more time and energy on being their best in the classroom
  • Improving their personal time management skills
  • Engaging in activities that reduce feelings of burnout and nurture a positive sense of well-being
  • Better understanding what they have the ability to control or influence, and how to spend less time on things over which they have little ability to influence
  • How to maintain their professional and personal motivation throughout the year, and not just for the first week of school

One comment by a past client about a program to educators was that "it was simply a breath of fresh air!" Opportunities include a 1 hour keynote to a full day competency-based training.

Here's a brief program excerpt demonstrating the impact Jones can have on your educators 


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 Everyone I have talked with appreicated the simplicity and content of your message. It was a good reminder for all of us that we need to be good managers of our time and energy, remembering that balance in all areas of life is essential; and that we need to prioritize and stay focused on what is most important or we can't do anything well. Thank You!

Debbie Quadracci, McAlester ISD

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