Growing Better Results One Change At A Time

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Just four words. These four words, however, offer a powerfully practical model for you and your team to move forward in times of change. From determining what needs to change to deciding how a team needs to think and work differently during the change, Jones’ will help you and your team develop a plan that is immediately actionable. What are you waiting for…it’s time to get growing!

Some key areas of focus include:

  • Identifying your typical response to change

  • Using three key questions to explore the need for change

  • Creating an environment for yourself and others that supports change initiatives

  • Improving your ability to connect and communicate with those who are resistant to change

  • Following a “3P” approach to ensure that a change can be sustained

  • Determining where you will get the physical, mental, and emotional resources to make a change successful

Here's a brief clip from a keynote about how to get people more excited about change and innovation:

Using the Always Growing Model creates "Master Gardeners" who work more proactively to harness the opportunities presented in times of change and "harvest" better results for themselves and their organization.

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