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There has never been a time in healthcare when leaders and managers have faced more demands on their time and energy. From ICD-10 implementation and changing government initiatives to improving Press Ganey scores and health informatics, it has become more difficult than ever for healthcare workers to maintain a high level of focus and deliver on these desired outcomes. Some of the key topics Jones addresses with healthcare groups include:

  • Taking more conscious control of your time to enhance your professional performance as well as your personal well being
  • Improving your ability to focus and be present in the moment event when you are frequently switching tasks or dealing with constant distractions
  • Making personal technology work FOR you instead of you working to keep up with it
  • Building stronger teams through aggressive listening, creating sensible visions, and celebrating inch pebbles instead of milestones

With competency-based training options ranging from 90 minutes to a full day, Jones Loflin delivers timely strategies to equip workers at all levels of the healthcare organization to achieve better results. He is regularly used for LDI events and as part of an organization's LMS. Some of Jones' past clients in healthcare include Baptist Health SystemsCarolinas Healthcare Systems, the Long Island Health Network and Interim Healthcare.

 Here's a video clip to give you additional insights into the impact Jones can have on your people:


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 While your content was insightful and well-organized, it was you, Jones, who was the true “Big Top” attraction that day.  You were spot-on in reading that crowd, and knowing when to break, when to talk, when to interject a personal story and when to turn it over to that large room of adult learners and let them talk and arrive at their own conclusions.  Your ability to keep your energy level up all day with a crowd of 150 challenging leaders was amazing.

 -Margie Marron, Abington Memorial Hospital

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