What Annoys You?

Consumer Reports has an intriguing article entitled, "Top Gripes-What Bugs America Most." While the survey of over 1000 Americans did uncover some obvious trends (like how rural people are less annoyed by unscooped dog poop than their urban brethren), I did find it interesting to see which ones the respondents had some level of control over (spam), and which ones were out of their control (i.e. tailgaters). As is the case much of the time, many of us just won't take the time to correct the problem-we would rather "curse the darkness than light a candle."

The article also made me think about what annoys me on a regular basis, and if I had control over reducing the "annoyance" or not. My list would include:

  • Junk mail/catalogs
  • People being late to meetings-and not apologizing-or improving their behavior
  • Rude mobile phone use (talking/texting)
  • People who are ungrateful
  • People with a "small world" view

As I reviewed my list I noticed that many of them deal with "people." For many of these annoyances I have to realize I can not change people-I can only set the best example and if an appropriate opportunity presents itself, offer appropriate advice. Otherwise I might appear on someone else's list as "people who try to change me."

What about you? What would be on your list?

Jones LoflinComment