Sacred Idleness

The term seems a bit "over the top" but for most of us it's as elusive as the end of the rainbow. A few precious moments to physically be still and mentally relax-no phone, no scheduling, no talking, no added noise (radio, TV, music). It's value is indeed sacred.

While driving to the airport this morning I turned the radio off and put my phone away-and made the commitment to not turn either on for 30 minutes. The quiet time was wonderful. I drove slow enough to be able to think clearly about something other than the next curve. I got more clarity in thought and purpose than I had in recent days.

While 30 minutes may not come often, why not try 5-10 minutes. Just remove yourself from all the noise and visual distractions-and be idle for a moment. You too may find the moments sacred.

Jones LoflinComment