A New Approach

According to the USA.gov, website, the dozen most popular New Year's Resolutions are: Lose weight, manage debt, save more, change jobs, get in shape, go back to school, drink less, stop smoking, reduce stress in general, reduce stress at work, travel, and volunteer. Any of those look familiar? Since they're the "most popular," they probably do.

Maybe there's a better way to approach your "self improvement" in the new year. Instead of trying to micromanage so much of your life, why not use the following litmus test when a decision has to be made: "Which choice will make me a better person, personally or professionally?" Few of us like to focus on the negative (remember, diet sounds like dying and so much of our resolutions require work), so framing your choice in a more positive light might just be the kick start you need to stay focused on your goals.

Jones LoflinComment