Fillers, Drainers and People Who Just Sit There

Last week I was talking with someone who is in a treatment program for an addiction to painkillers. Having known this person for years, I also knew that the people in their immediate family were not always the most supportive of his desire to change. When I inquired about their level of encouragement, I was disappointed to hear of their lack of help to this individual who was working so hard to regain control of their life.

While many of us may not have the addiction of prescription medication or alcohol, most all of us do have some negative habit we would like to stop. I know I do. What helps me is to make it a higher priority to be around (in communication with) "fillers." Those people who encourage and motivate me to stay the course. I find that if I am constantly around "drainers" (those people who are emotionally and mentally draining), my desire to change behaviors is greatly diminished.

And the other people-"those who just sit there" don't have an impact either way.

So as you look at this new year and make plans to be a "better person," identify those people who will be a part of your team to lead you to success-not your nemesis and increase the chances of failure.

Jones LoflinComment