Decision Effectiveness Scale

I came across a fascinating book entitled, Decide and Deliver: 5 Steps to breakthrough performance in your organization. The book challenges organizations to look at how decisions are made-and if they are made well. One of the most powerful statistics they cite is the results of their "Decision Effectiveness Scale."On a scale of 0 to 100, successful companies score an average of 71 while most other companies score a 28. A 28! What a difference.

The authors state that most organizations could more than double their ability to make and execute key decisions-and they make their case throughout the book.

How would you rate your own ability to make and execute decisions? Do you have a plan or procedure in place that helps you move quickly through the process? Or do you, like many people, waste precious time worrying, looking back and seeking an easy answer-without a plan? While the book focuses primarily on organizations, the same case could be made for individuals as well. This is one scale on which you WANT to have a heavy number!

Jones LoflinComment