Hunter or Hunted Today?

I learned something interesting (as usual) from my daughter today. We had recently been to a 4-H meeting on horse safety and the instructor said that you should never stand in front of a horse because they can not see well directly in front of them. You should stand to the side to better insure your safety.

While that was something I never knew, my daughter informed me that most animals that are "prey" can't see well immediately in front of them. Their eyes are set more to the side so they can see the dangers approaching them from more angles (think rabbit, mice and deer). If you are a predator (think lion, tiger, etc.) your eyes are more front set so you can best see the prey in front of you that you are chasing. WOW!

I wonder if my day would be different if I thought more of myself as the hunter (predator has too many negative connotations for humans) and stayed focused on "capturing" my goals and objectives instead of so often acting like the hunted (prey) and getting distracted by all the other stuff around me and worrying that they are going to overtake me. I might find that I would get more of the right things done.

Jones LoflinComment