What Are You The Picture Of?

David Crowder, lead singer for the David Crowder band, was recently surprised to find his unauthorized picture on an advertisement in a Mexican periodical. Apparently, the advertisement read, "Want to stop crazy telemarketers from calling your home?," and it had a picture of David! He is a unique looking individual, but a crazy telemarketer? No.

While listening to him laugh about the incident on a radio interview, it got me to thinking... what would others make YOU the "picture" of? Good health, poor health, or maybe even procrastination? Perhaps the perfect parent (for a few minutes anyway) or a compassionate sibling. How about a productive, creative and indispensable employee?

What if we started our day by saying, "Today I will be the picture of ______________," and all day we worked to create just that picture by all we did and said. It might make our days go better and keep us focused on what is important.

Jones LoflinComment