Fretting Over Decisions

I saw a good friend this past weekend who is agonizing over a decision that will affect their future. The pain in their eyes was obvious, and it is one of those decisions in which there is no perfect right answer. Either choice would be in line with many of their values and could help them accomplish their goals.

My advice in this situation (not the right answer-just advice) was that they remember the phrase, You make a decision, and THEN you make it right. While there are some decisions where there is a clear answer (Should I text and drive? or Should I cheat on my expense report?), many decisions require us to make the best decision based on the information we have and then align our attitudes and actions toward supporting that decision. Failure to do so leaves us paralyzed and wasting lots of precious energy and time that could be spent on moving forward. And ultimately, we can make a right decision wrong if we don't give it the opportunity to be the right one.

Jones LoflinComment