Silence In The Graveyard

This past Saturday I went biking through the country. I should have been doing my regular long run of 7+ miles, but with the Summer heat I decided that the “downhill moments” would give me a much needed breeze and chance to catch my breath.

My half way point was a small country church with a cemetery with graves dating back to the Spanish American War. As I walked along reading the tombstones and their various quotes, scriptures or clichés, I suddenly realized just how quiet it was around me (like a graveyard should be noisy, right?). With no distractions and my attention now firmly focused on my own mortality (my great grandfather had the same name as me so there IS a tombstone with my name on it!) I reflected on what was important to me in a way I had not done in a long time. You know how it is. You get so busy with the “noise of life” that you don’t take the time to connect with who you REALLY are. Ironically, I left the cemetery more alive than I have been in a long time.

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or having trouble getting clarity about what life means, find a quiet spot and just listen. Listen to your breathing. Listen to the sounds of nature around you. You might just find the direction and inner peace you have been missing. And yes, taking that time in a graveyard certainly helps with creating a sense of urgency about getting to those things that are important to you-the REALLY important things.

Jones LoflinComment