"The Pain Of Seeking Something Better"

While working with a group of youth at a conference last week, one of the teenagers challenged me to a contest of "push ups." I'm always up to a challenge so I agreed. I won't tell you how many I did, but I will tell you he won. The next morning I awoke, stood up and started to stretch my arms... OUCH! The pain reminded me that I need to make "improving my upper body strength" a priority in my physical wellness plan.

With 2011 having just began, I have a question for you: "Where are you experiencing pain this year because of seeking to improve yourself?" Maybe you decided to get better organized at work and it looks like a bomb exploded in your office. Perhaps you have chosen to achieve better work life balance and determining what to cut out or change in your daily activity is driving you nuts. One of my goals for 2011 was to be more engaged with Twitter. I feel like I am learning a new language with words or phrases like "hashtags" "twitpic" and "retweet." Finding time to spend a few focused minutes each day on it has been difficult-even painful. The more I work with it, though, the easier it is becoming, and the more beneficial Twitter is turning out to be.

So, if you are experiencing some discomfort because you have chosen to improve yourself-GREAT! If pain is absent, hit the proverbial floor and start those push ups-BEFORE someone or something gets the best of you.

Jones LoflinComment