The Value of Consistency-Part 2

I wear contacts. Yes, I know laser surgery is safe and I should do it, but my eyes just aren't that bad-yet. A few weeks ago while removing my contacts I was reminded of the value of consistency in time management and creating good habits.

Looking at the cultured marble sink I noticed an area on the sink that had lost its luster. It appeared as though someone had used sandpaper and removed the shine that was there-7 years ago! As I tried to figure out what might have caused the problem, I took out my contact case and...... put it down on that same spot. Then I realized that even thought the case was plastic it could wear down a hard surface over time-a long time. It didn't happen the first time or the 100th time-it took a couple thousand times to create the damage.

What's the habit you could start today that over a long period of time could have a major impact on improving some area of your work or life? Here's a few ideas to get you started:

  • Read one online article per day that offers advice on improving a job skill
  • Find one meaningful quote per day and seek to live out its meaning, even if only for a few moments
  • Complete 5-10 push ups or sit ups
  • Practice deep breathing for one minute
  • Offer a positive word to someone who needs it
  • Give yourself 2 minutes to visualize what a perfect day at work could be like

At first the impact may seem minimal. But one day you just might notice........

Jones LoflinComment