"It Took A Decade To Change"

When I walked into the exercise room at the hotel this morning, I headed for the usual elliptical machine. There were none available, so I opted for a treadmill. No luck there either. I waited for a couple of minutes to see if one of these machines would come available, but nothing changed. "I have to get started exercising," I told myself. "I have a meeting at 8:30."

In about 30 seconds, an exercise bike was open. As much as I enjoy exercising, I tremendously dislike using an exercise bike. I don't like the burn in my legs from using different muscles or the uncomfortable feel of most stationary bikes. In fact, it's been at least a decade since I have used an exercise bike. In this situation, however, I had no choice.

Twenty five minutes later I was "kicking myself" for not trying one sooner. The bike was quite pleasant and I could adjust it to my short legs and frame. The sense of urgency made me try the bike, but now I'll use one again because I actually enjoyed the change.

What changes have you been pondering but have avoided? Maybe its time to create some sense of urgency of your own to force you to at least engage in the change for a short period of time. Who knows, you might just like it.

When I wake up tomorrow and feel the soreness of using new muscles, I may feel differently. But in that moment I have to remember the quote: The price of progress is the pain of change.

Jones LoflinchangeComment