A Reasonable Donation

While in Las Vegas this week I was admiring the work of an artist along the street. With only poster paper and spray paint, he created amazing paintings. When he finished one of his paintings, another onlooker asked him the price for his paintings. His response was "a reasonable donation." When pressed a little more, he finally said, "At least $20-25 dollars."

I had to laugh because I see so many people in leadership positions who give the same type of vague expectations of people who they work with. People like to know exactly what is expected of them and their efforts. Giving them less than specific expectations only confuses them.

The next time you are giving someone directions on completing a task, ask yourself if you are being clear in your expectations. Failing to do so may inhibit your ability to "sell" the idea to them. Speaking of selling, guess how many paintings the guy sold? You guessed it... none.