Getting The Results You Are REALLY Hungry For

Today, after much cultivation of thought and action, my new book is now available. I had to prune lots of activities and poor habits in my schedule, and even grafted a few new skills and actions into my work so that the harvest could be achieved. If you have not figured it out already, the book has a “growing” theme.

Getting the Blue Ribbon is about how to get better results. The impetus for writing it grew (sorry, I just can’t turn off the language) out of my own desire to improve in my work and personal roles. I was seeking a mental blueprint I could quickly use to make better choices about how I was spending my time and to increase my chances of success in times of change. Drawing on my work in a previous life (I was a horticulture teacher) I found the sensible ideology I was seeking was right in front of me. I just needed to apply those timeless principles to my own environment.

My hope is that the story found in Getting the Blue Ribbon offers a fresh approach to getting more out of each day to people of all walks of life. Because the story is a parable, you can “pick and choose” the strategies that are most beneficial to you now, and return in the future when you are facing a different situation.

For a limited time, you can read the full first chapter FREE by clicking here. If the concept starts growing on you, you can purchase the physical book at the website or get the electronic edition at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I’d love to hear your feedback, even if it’s only on the first chapter. If you don’t have time to read the first chapter, here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book: You are growing something every day. What grows and how it grows is up to you.

May you begin the journey to harvest the results you are really hungry for, because in apple trees and in life, some things you can not grow again.