Name That Tune

When I was growing up, there was a popular TV show called Name That Tune. The goal for the contestant was to name a tune from a song or marketing jingle (now I am showing my age) in as few a words as possible. The more notes you needed to accurately name the tune, the less likely you were to win. However, trying to name it too quickly could result in a wrong answer and one of other contestants could end up winning.

When you reflect on your strongest limitations to getting the results you want, it’s easy to “name” them too quickly-time, money or simply a lack of resources. While they may be somewhat accurate in assessing your situation, they often don’t speak to a more specific issue. Lack of time might really be an unwillingness to focus on your priorities first as you work through your day. A lack of money might be more correctly stated as “poor spending habits” or “a failure to save.” And a lack of resources might just be a cover for fear of failure or being afraid to ask others for the help you need.

As you identify what is holding you back, find the balance of expediency and thoroughness that gives you the best answer you need to move forward and improve your chances of winning-whatever winning means to you.