Have or Make?

After a training program last week, a participant approached me and said, “Your focus on being more intentional in your work and life is like the difference between ‘have and make.’” With my curiosity aroused, I said, “How so?” She continued. “Think about the phrase ‘Have a great day’ versus ‘Make it a great day.’ One implies taking things as they come to you while the other suggests a need to take more responsibility in achieving the desired outcome you are looking for.” What a superb insight!

Reflecting on her comments later, I made a list of all the thoughts associated with the words “have” or “make.” They included: 


Entitled to it

No effort on my part

Circumstances will naturally work in my favor

In all my interactions everyone will have my best interests at heart


I must make the right choices

I have to act or react in ways that will work to my benefit, not my loss

Effort is required-and it may not be easy

Think about the outcome I want and use my time and energy to get that result

When I pondered her perspective even more, I had to laugh at how often I hear the word “have” versus “make.” While I am sure people aren’t encouraging me to be passive when they say things like, “Have a great trip” or “I hope you have a great program,” those words will now be a quick reminder that I need to work at growing the results I want, and not expect them to just happen.

So the next time you catch yourself saying or thinking, “I hope I have…” change “have” to “make”… it could just MAKE all the difference in getting the harvest you really want.