Reflecting On Your 2011 Harvest

There will come a moment... perhaps it will be after a memorable evening with family or friends. It could surface on one of those "laid back" days you have off from work in the next week. Or the moment may come as you prepare to ring in the new year. At some point, you will find yourself reflecting on what you "grew" in 2011. You might be tempted to evaluate it by deals closed, money made or big "wins." I invite you to look at what you accomplished in the past year a little differently. Consider your answers to some of these questions:

  • What were 2-3 moments that took my breath away?
  • What is one event or activity that I will always remember from this year because of the sense of peace, love or contentement I felt?
  • Who are some of the people whose lives are better because of my efforts this year? (Note: Don't discount even the smallest act of kindness or generosity on your part)
  • When I look back on 2011 in five years, what do I think will really have been significant about this year?
  • What is one way I have improved myself professionally or personally this year? How is that benefiting me and/or others around me?

You may just be surprised to find that your harvest was bigger than you ever imagined.