She Is With Me

When my older daughter started to board a recent flight with me, she was stopped by the gate agent who said, “I’m sorry. Your zone is not yet boarding.” I then stepped forward and said, “She is with me.” As a frequent traveler, she could board with me instead of having to wait until later. The agent smiled in approval and we boarded the plane.

I had a similar situation earlier in the week. A person who I tremendously admire for their integrity and accomplishments in leadership asked to have lunch with me. As we ate, he talked of his desire to share his experiences and life lessons with a larger audience. He sought me out because he sees something in me that can help him get to a place he might not be able to take himself. What an honor!

It’s a fact. We need connections with the right people to succeed. Building relationships with those who have a skill, insight or perspective beyond our own limitations or experiences accelerates our ability to achieve the results we really want. Sure we might be able to “tough it out” and make it on our own, but why? Real leaders take much joy from being able to impart their wisdom in a way that improves the lives of others. If you have ever seen someone achieve a higher level of success professionally or personally because of something you said to them or did for them, you know exactly what I mean.

So the question for today is, “Who are you with-or will you be found with, who can assist you in turning your passions into action and your “someday” into “today?” Failure to take such opportunities is only hurting you-and them.