"The Trumpet Player Who Almost Wasn't"

This past week I had the privilege of hearing Chiz Rider. Chiz is an amazing trumpet player-and knows where to give credit for his amazing performances. During the performance (including making a trumpet out of a funnel and a garden hose) he praised his road team, his family, the audience and several others who had helped him achieve success. At one point I thought-"This guy wouldn't have made it anywhere without all that help." And neither would any of us.

As you go through your work day today and reflect on the skills you have, or as you smile because you knew just the right thing to say to your children or spouse, stop for a second and think about who taught you that skill. Who supported you when you didn't believe in yourself?

AND who do you need to thank today for helping you get to your current locale in life? This may be just the day they really need to hear that word of encouragement.