The Key To Committing To Change

This past weekend I had the fantastic opportunity to work with the Kentucky Farm Bureau and their young farmer and rancher program. The organization consists of young adults 35 and under who are involved in some facet of agriculture. The program provides social opportunities for the family and leadership development. Just an awesome group of people-who are definitely struggling trying to balance work, families, relationships and personal time.

During one of my presentations I posed a question to the group of over 300. It was, "What is the most important thing for you to do this year?" Without much hesitation, one person answered, "I want to be more involved with Farm Bureau programs." Remember, this is a group whose members already have their plates full. But his bold response in such a large group was refreshing. For the next year he will be asked by those who heard him make the comment about opportunities to participate in Farm Bureau. His spouse now knows just how important this commitment is to him, and can support him accordingly. And most importantly, when you make a commitment in front of a group of people, you are more likely to stay the course.

If you are struggling with some area of work life balance and want to try some new strategies, tell someone. Here are some possibilities:

  • If you have trouble saying "No," ask someone to question you each time you mention some new commitment you have made-or are planning to make.
  • If your team at work is struggling because you aren't effectively delegating some opportunities to them, give them permission (and encourage them) to question you when assignments are made.
  • If you are looking for a few minutes of personal time around home each day, ask your family to help you figure out how it might happen.
  • If you want to write a book, start an exercise program or develop a hobby, have some of your close friends check up on you weekly to determine your progress.
  • If "getting organized" in your work area is your goal, invite someone to help you get started, and set a time and date.

The key is to TELL someone. Most all of us are "hard wired" to be helpful and will seek out ways to make the goal a reality. Who knows? They may have a similar goal and you could actually work together.