"Cheap Sunglasses And Customer Service"

A few days ago I made my annual trek to a local discount store where everything sells for a dollar. My mission, as always, was to stock up on cheap sunglasses. I buy several pair, put one pair in each vehicle and one in my travel suitcase and I'm good for the year. If a lose or break a pair-no worries.

When checking out with my other items, I expected the cashier to simply throw them in the bag with the other stuff. Instead, she brought out a piece of bubble wrap and took great care in wrapping each pair before putting them into their own bag. Here's a woman working for minimum wage in a less than ideal environment, and she understands the value of customer service.

We sometimes think that customer service is that formal department where complaints are logged and issues resolved-and it can be-but we must never forget that each of us has an opportunity to provide outstanding customer service to others. It could be coworkers, supervisors or yes, even customers. And it doesn't have to be something major. It could be looking someone in the eye with a smile when addressing them. You might be more intentional about using a kinder, more supportive voice when talking with someone. Maybe you just do one little thing extra to assure that customer they made the right decision to spend their money with you. In a world where customer "no service" is rampant, it doesn't take much to stand out.