"The Power of The Personal Touch"

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Interim Healthcare at their National Sales Conference. The conference was for the franchise owners and leaders of the various franchise offices. Interim is a leader in providing home health care services. A main part of their purpose is to "help people live independently in their own way."

What was different about this event was that I actually participated in the two day conference instead of just arriving the night before and providing my programs the next day. Let me tell you, they know how to put on a conference!

While at the event I was reminded of just how much people need the personal touch. Interim is well blessed with leaders who "get it," from Kathleen Gilmartin the CEO to Linda Shaub the VP of marketing and everyone else I met with the organization. They all have incredible talent in their area, but still have the unique ability to connect with people one on one and get their points across in genuine, practical and meaningful ways.

I think Jake Poore, a fantastic speaker on customer service, summed things up well when he said, "In our interactions with other people, we need to enter and exit on the human side." The workplace has become quite impersonal due to the need to get so much done. Even families and friendships are strained because of the hectic pace and use of technology. We are surprised-and very appreciative-when people treat us in a genuine way and not as one more thing to do.

In your work (and life) with other people today, how can you add the personal touch? What can you do to give people one of the things they are most hungry for... knowing they matter and are more than a number.