The Secret To Successful Change

Okay, it's not a secret. But most people (and organizations) treat it like a secret. They hide it from themselves and others through old and outdated routines, procrastination and fear. It get smothered under a long list of reasons that the change won't work. Organizations miss it because they develop complex plans that never connect with the people who are doing the work on a daily basis. The secret...

Change something you do daily.

Expecting more? Sorry. The biggest secret to successful change of any size is to start by changing something you do on a daily basis. Consider these scenarios:

  • Want to be more productive at work? Give yourself 10-15 minutes first thing in the morning each day to plan and review-instead of looking at email and listening to voice mail.
  • Losing weight your goal? Take a daily walk.
  • Desire to build a stronger relationship with a family member? Make it a priority to spend quality time with them daily.

There are a hundred other possibilities, but each one starts with a change in what you do each day. As the change becomes part of your normal routine you reap the benefits, and can then make other changes that lead to even greater results.

Best-selling author John Maxwell says it best: The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.