What Defines You?

One of my informal research projects of late has been to try and determine what people allow to define them. Some of the things I am seeing most often are:

  • Success of  their children
  • Past failures
  • Past successes
  • Stuff (House, Car, Electronics, etc.)
  • What other people are saying about them-or think about them
  • How they are doing relative to other people (Keeping up with the Joneses of course)
  • Where they went to college or if they went to college
  • Serving others
  • Having a positive impact on others
  • Being comfortable

Interestingly enough, most people would not give me one of the answers listed above if I asked them the question, but their actions and reactions on a daily basis are a more accurate indicator.

If someone watched you over the period of a day or week, what would they say defines you? And more importantly, are you comfortable with the answer?