Deal With The Nag!

I recently had a dying mouse in the office. Before you wrinkle your nose, let me explain. It was my computer mouse for my desktop computer. It's the old mechanical version with the rolling ball. I keep using it just to see how long it will last. About three weeks ago it started not working as well. Being so busy, I just dealt with the lack of mobility by banging it on the desk or shaking it. "I don't have time to fix it now," I reasoned. While small in detail, it did aggravate me greatly.

Today I finally fixed it. A little cleaning and "BAM!"-good as new. It's such a relief and I keep wishing I had taken care of it earlier. All of us have little nagging items that occupy space in our mind and keep us from being as focused as we should be-or break our concentration. We reason, (like I did) that it's just not important enough to justify our attention when in reality it does.

What do you need to "handle," "deal with," or "take care of" today that would allow you to be more focused and productive?