"Ask If You Want To Achieve Excellence"

At a training program yesterday, I was approached by a delightful individual who quickly asked, "Do you move around during your program?" My quick answer was "yes." She smiled and explained that she had a cochlear implant (hearing device) and struggled to hear when people moved around as they spoke. I then asked her, "How could I present the program today so that it would work for you?" She gave me a few tips and I followed them during the program. When it was over, she was sincerely pleased that she had been able to follow the program.

The experience reminded me of the need to reflect on the needs of others when working with them before I just say, "This is the way I do it" or "This is comfortable for me." And the best way to find out what their needs are....? Ask. Rarely have I found individuals or groups that could not give me a few thoughts on how I could best work with them. Another benefit is that people appreciate being asked-and they learn that you genuinely care about them.

Struggling with how to improve your work with someone or a relationship? Maybe it's time to ask.