"How Does The Moment Make You Feel?"

Sunday Morning was going to be perfect. I made coffee, got a newspaper and invited my seven-year old daughter to join me on the front porch. Handing her the comics section, I settled in for a few moments of peace and relaxation. After about two minutes, my daughter said, "I feel like a Senior Citizen."

She meant no harm in her comment, but I did have to evaluate the moment. I did feel somewhat "old" reading a real newspaper. I don't plan to change my behavior because I sincerely enjoy the experience.

On a more serious note, it made me more aware of analyzing my actions to look for the need to change. If the actions make me feel out of touch with current practices in business, I may need to change. If I feel like my methods or examples in my speaking and training programs are not having the impact necessary, It's time to work on improvement. On the other hand, if my actions inspire confidence in me that I am relevant, progressive and thoughtful, I may be on the right track.

How does the moment make you feel?