"Missing Something"

Recently, a cereal company started packaging their rice treats with wrappable writing paper. The idea was that you could write an encouraging note to your child or spouse and they would find it later when eating lunch. The new packaging prompted a Canadian group to research and find out what percent of Canadian parents actually put notes of any kind in their children's lunches they bring to school. The answer? Over half NEVER do. How sad.

All of us need encouragement, not just children. Nothing changes the perspective of the mind or heart more than to have someone say or do something that encourages us. It doesn't have to be something big and complex. In fact, the impersonal, "all about me" culture of today's world has made it easier than ever to provide encouragement to others-because so many people DON'T do it.

Resolve today that you will take a second or two more often to provide encouragement to those around you.