Use Your Time In A Better Way

There was a tragic news story out of upstate New York last Sunday. A motorcyclist was riding in a group with other motorcycles protesting helmet laws. When he applied his brakes he lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown over the handlebars. His head hit the pavement and he was killed. Troopers said that if he had been wearing a helmet he most likely would have survived.

While it may be admirable to make such a sacrifice for your beliefs, I have to ask, "Was this the best use of his time?" Should one really go to such lengths to argue about something that has been proven to save lives? I have personally witnessed my younger daughter wrecking on her bike while riding at full speed, flying into the air and hitting her head on the pavement. Without a helmet she would have sustained a major head injury. I just wonder if the sacrifice was equal to the cause?

The experience also made me reflect on where I spend my time. I may not publicly protest a change in a law, but I do spend some time and energy trying to make things happen that really aren't all that important. Like the motorcycle rider, I may not think that the consequences of my actions will be so painful, but there are consequences none the less.

Where could you better spend your time today and not suffer as many negative consequences later?