"When Good Enough Is Not Enough"

You probably said it the last time you built something that turned out to be of less quality than you planned. Or you may have said it about an assignment at work. You may have even made the remark when fixing something that was broken. The phrase? "Good enough." We say it often to reassure ourselves that the level of quality is sufficient and that we did our best. Sometimes it is good enough, other times it isn't. Does it matter? You have to decide that.

There is one instance in which we can never say it's "good enough" and that is with our relationships with other people. When we get complacent that we have done all we can to make the relationship stronger, we are in danger of drifting toward isolation instead of growing toward intimacy. We should always be looking for ways to build stronger relationships in our families, workplace and in our communities.

What relationships in your life need your attention today?