"Change And The Fear Of Being Wrong"

"I told you so" is one of the phrases most of us never want to hear. To be chided by a friend, enemy or family member that a choice we chose to make was the wrong one is something we try to avoid like the plague. There are times when we should heed the advice of those around us... but not always. Their failure with a particular choice may have been a matter of poor planning, lack of resources or it just was not the right time. They may also have not been passionate about the change in the first place.

The truth is, if we are going to be right more often when making a change, we are going to be wrong more often as well. In one of my training programs I use a competitive exercise with balloons, scissors and string. The goal of each team is to create "products" with the materials and give them to their leader for approval. I won't spoil the activity for those of you who I may work with one day, but I will say that the teams that win are the ones that are wrong more often at first. They then use the information gathered from their mistakes and create a better plan.

When making a change, there is always the possibility you will be wrong. What's important is that you learn from a wrong choice to make a better one in the future. As Oswald Avery was quoted as saying, Whenever you fall, pick something up.