Change and Fear

It seems as though I have been around a lot of people lately who are struggling with change. For some it is personal change while for others it is something they aspire to do differently at work. A common characteristic of many of these people is also that they are afraid of making the change for one reason or another.

For the month of August, the focus of my blogs will be on some of the most common fears related to change. Some of these fears actually push us toward making the change (positive) while other hold us back from taking action (negative). What I am seeing too often is that people are allowing the negative fears to drown out any sincere look at the positive fears associated with the change.

As you read one or all of these blogs, think about some of the changes you are looking to make professionally or personally. Feel free to e mail me ( any comments about fears I may have left out related to change, or how you dealt with fear in some way and found success with a change. I'd love to post your story in some way in a future blog.

We begin with a simple question: What's the fear that his holding you back-or driving you toward-making a change?