"Let Change Be Driven By Your Vision"

In 2000, I was delivering a program on change to a banking company in Canada. One of the participants talked with me at the break and said, "My people are just so tired of changing. I wish they didn't have to change so much." When I asked him what department he managed, he said, "Information Technology." Poor guy. I often wonder if he is still with the company. It's so cliche, but the rate of change is only going to increase in the coming years. Anyone who doesn't handle change well had best find another planet to inhabit.

To handle the increasing rate of change, try looking at change from the standpoint of what you will gain instead of what you will lose. Get a realistic picture of what you will have when you are successful with the change. Create a picture. Actually draw one if needed. I'm currently working on a new book and the first thing I did was to create a cover that I keep in front of me while writing, especially when I am getting up EARLY in the morning to write. When walking through the airport, I look at the top business books on the shelf and imagine mine on the shelf with them.

Today as you begin focusing on the changes that will inevitably come, get the picture in your head and heart-and use that motivation to make it a reality.


Jones LoflinchangeComment