The Power of Being Available

Think about what things in your work and life are not "schedulable?" The list could include:

  • A coworker who needs to talk about an unexpected crisis or problem
  • A phone call with a unique business opportunity
  • That rare moment when you have a creative idea and need a few minutes to "flesh it out"
  • The chance to spend a few quality moments with a loved one

Some of the greatest moments in our day often come unplanned. What is ironic is that if we manage our time effectively, we can be more available to make the most of that unplanned moment. Fail to make the best use of your time... and who knows what you could miss.

I was reminded of the value of being available on Sunday. Normally when I need to leave on a business trip I am rushing at the last moment, hugging the family goodbye and rushing to catch a flight or to drive away. On Sunday, however, I got up early and prepared for my trip. Arriving at the airport ahead of schedule, Sydney, my seven year old, saw the escalators and said, "Can we ride up and down?" Because I had used my time wisely, I said, "Sure." Small I know, but our most memorable days are often full of such unplanned opportunities.

How do you need to plan your day so that you can be more available to those around you-and to yourself?