I can cause you to mentally manage your actions (see previous post) better by asking you one simple question. This question will cause your procrastination to run and hide, while your sense of accomplishment when the day is over will exponentially increase. You spouse will wonder what happened at work and your children won't recognize the person you are becoming--but will like the change. (And no, I am not selling a pill, drink or exercise system)

The question? What's the outcome you want from this day? Imagine how different your perspective would be if you based every decision you made on the outcomes you are looking to accomplish instead of convenience, laziness, fear, pressure from others or a hundred other things. Of course you have to get the right outcomes identified (a later post), but just asking yourself the question gets your mind moving in the right direction.

As you seek to better manage your time, try starting your day with the outcomes question. Better yet, end the day by asking, "Did I achieve my outcomes for this day?" If not, tomorrow will require you to reevaluate your outcomes--or change your actions.