Change Your pH

As you have probably determined from my new book and many of my blogs, I have a true passion for plant growth and horticulture in general. The science of it is just fascinating! One part of the process that has always intrigued me is how important it is to maintain the proper pH (were you awake that day in chemistry class?). An oversimplified definition is that it is the balance of acids and bases in the soil-the growing medium. Strangely enough, even a slight change in the pH can make a HUGE difference. It can cause more nutrients to be available to the plant and greatly improve its growth rate.

Applying that same process to your work day, how's your pH? How available are your resources to help you accomplish what is most critical to your success? More importantly, if they aren't available, what needs to change? Remember, even a slight change in pH can have a major impact on more than one area.

One example is developing a routine. While you may start creating a routine to address one need (less stress), you may find that it also makes you more productive and allows others to work with you more efficiently (two additional benefits).

What one change in your environment that could yield multiple positive results?

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