Harvest vs. Deadline

Here's a thought. Instead of always thinking about deadlines you have to meet, think of them as opportunities to harvest something. Deadlines can emit negative energy-get it done or something bad is going to happen (and it probably will). I certainly don't get excited about working on something to meet a deadline. The word invites compliance to a task instead of full engagement.

Now think about the word harvest. The word invites thoughts of hard work paying off, or having something positive to show for your efforts. In many areas of the US and even the world, there are celebrations built around the harvest of a fruit or agricultural crop. They are positive moments when people take the chance to reflect on what has been accomplished and enjoy the "fruits" of their labor.

So as you begin your work for 2012, take more opportunities this year to look at your work as producing a harvest you want instead of simply hitting a deadline you have to meet. And make sure you take a moment or two to celebrate!