Just Fix It!

One piece of advice I got many years ago was to always know a good plumber, a good mechanic and a good lawyer. I am blessed to have connections to all 3, although I don't frequently have to call on a plumber or lawyer. The mechanic is a different story.

Because my mechanic knows my "frugal disposition," he will often call me before repairing one of my vehicles to let me know the cost and if there are other options to fixing the problem While I appreciate his desire to help me manage my money wisely, I recently gave him an ultimatum-"When I bring something to be repaired-just fix it. I don't need to know the options or the cost-I trust you."

Having that level of trust with someone, whether it is a coworker, family member or mechanic is rare today. But it is necessary if we are to be able to move (or drive) confidently in the direction of our desired outcomes or destination. And in times of change, we need to know we can trust others to go the distance with us (I've told my mechanic he can't retire until I am dead).

As you look at some things you need to change (or repair) in your life, who do you trust enough to simply say, "Just fix it?" More importantly, how many people have that level of trust in you?