To Be A Change Agent-Hang Around A Change Agent

I love it when research validates what we informally thought we knew. A recent HBR Tip of the Day shared findings from two researchers looking at the impact of psychological closeness. People who were encouraged to identify with a selfish individual became more selfish, keeping 11% more cash when they were asked to divide money between themselves and another person.

We've all experienced this same effect. Hang around people with a negative attitude, and you start looking at life more cynically. Spend a significant amount of time with others and you will find yourself using some of their same verbal nuances and dialect (ask anyone who is not originally from the South but comes to live here).

So we can deduct that if we want to be more proactive about change we need to spend some time around people who are change agents. Individuals who aren't satisfied with the status quo and seek something better for others and themselves.

Reflect on your typical day. Are you being intentional about seeking out those who want to create, lead or foster change? If not, don't be surprised if your willingness to change is reduced as well-you might say it's a scientific fact.