Other Words To Erase From Your Vocabulary

My younger daughter is in the 3rd grade and is in a creative writing class. I laughed at first, thinking, "How hard can it be?," especially since she is only in the 3rd grade. My chuckles turned to concern when I saw her list of "banned words." Reviewing the list, I was surprised to find many of the words I use in print or in conversation on a regular basis.

The old adage of, "People do judge you by the words you use is true." After surveying her list (I almost used the word "seeing" but it "see" is a banned word), I copied it and now have it by my desk. Here are some of the words, just in case you want to make a stronger conversational or written impact on other people:

  • Get/Got
  • Eat
  • See/Look
  • Good
  • Pretty
  • Nice
  • Interesting
  • Come/Came
  • Say/Said