Choosing To Choose The Long View

Think of 3-4 choices you have already made today. Did you make the choice that would serve you best in the long term or did you simply decide on the emotion or convenience of the moment? Take what you ate for breakfast as an example. If you wanted to provide an ample amount of energy to able to focus for a few hours and not feel lethargic, you made one choice. If your desire was to just do something quick, you made another choice. If your "sweet tooth" got the best of you, you made yet another choice.

In every choice we make, a second or two should be taken to ask, "What choice should I make If I want to take the long view?"

Each of these choices accumulate during the day and determine whether the end of the day finds us moving ever closer to our goals (the long view) or feeling increased pressure to make even more difficult choices tomorrow because of taking the short view today.