Leadership And Being "Cellotastic"

One of my new musical passions is a duo called The Piano Guys. Here's the facts: One guy plays the cello and one plays the piano. Not impressed? I wouldn't be either. You have to SEE them performing to get hooked. Both Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson have a love of their instrument that is incredible. They also exude a level of humility and respect for others that is rare in today's world. Oh, and they have a fantastic sense of humor. When their performance of a song is complete I find myself thinking, "WOW! I wish I could play the cello or piano like them."

Growing leaders is a huge focus in business today. With an increasing number of workers retiring each year, the pool of potential leaders is shrinking. While speaking at a recent conference involving over 300 leaders and managers the question was asked, "How many people would want to rise to the next level of leadership in their department?" Less than 10 percent raised their hand. Yes, leaders have pressures placed upon them that did not exist in the past, but strong leadership is needed today more than ever-in corporations, government, non-profit organizations and even our families.

The ultimate question is, "Are you performing your duties and opportunities as a leader in such a way that other people want to be YOU one day?" If not, start by watching a few moments of The Piano Guys, and start growing more leaders in your work and life.